Journey of the Programmer Part 0 – Introduction

This is the first part of the blog series Journey of the Programmer. Check out the next part here.

I have been coding, since I was 13 years old (that was more or less exactly seven years ago at the time of writing). I have been mostly self-taught, most of the stuff we had in school, wasn’t really news to me (I only had two programming courses, all in all only about 50 45-minute lessons). This brings the obvious benefit that a lot of things that I would have to learn in university, I will have already learned. Of course this is not the main reason why one should learn how to code. Besides it being fun (most of the times), it will also teach you another way of thinking and a more pragmatic approach to problem solving.

However, not all is well, and this is why I am writing this post. As my projects grew in size, I started running into problems. Often those problems were code duplication or just bad structure and sometimes I was able to solve those problems. But other times it just made the code unmaintainable, I lost motivation and just straight up abandoned the project. Although I knew how to code, I never learned anything about project management or writing maintainable code.

This and the last year I got the chance to work at a software company (five months altogether, in one two months and one three months block). I learned a lot while working there but I always felt like, I could do better. I wanted to know how to write good code and how to tackle large projects without the overwhelming feeling of having to do everything all at once. So, I decided to write a blog series about just that.

I will be writing posts, as I learn new strategies or techniques that make me a better programmer. As a consequence, this will not be a regular series, I will be posting whenever I discovered something that I feel like is worth sharing.

I hope you will enjoy the posts that are to come. I would also love to hear about tools or techniques that you are using and why instead of the ones I present.


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